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PSoS Privilege Setting?

Question asked by 34South on Aug 7, 2018
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The question of getting a current user list, which I appreciate has been addressed elsewhere, refers, but only to put my question into context. The reason I am doing this is to prevent multiple logins with the same account.


My problem here relates to the implementation of the PSoS script step.


I have successfully implemented this by calling a script on the server from the solution startup script when a user first logs in. This relies on the BaseElements 'ExecuteSystemCommand' step ("/usr/local/bin/fmsadmin -u "&"\"<admin username>\""&" -p "&"\"<admin password>\""&" list clients -s"), the result of which is retrieved using Get(ScriptResult) in the startup script and processed further to determine if the user had a concurrent login with the same database. However, for the purpose of troubleshooting, I simply display the script result in a card window. BaseElements is installed and active on the server.


Despite my granting the script which is performed on the server, as well as the startup script, full access privileges, this only works as long as I am a user with Full Access. When I log on as a user with limited privileges, I get a blank result.

Limited privilege users have the following limitations (see attached). Including the exporting privilege does not have any effect.


I hope that is sufficient information to aide in diagnosis of the problem.