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If compared date is before date then 0, if compared date is after date then 1? Calculation won't work.

Question asked by spencera96 on Aug 8, 2018
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I am trying to use data from my table to populate a pie chart that shows all assets inventoried after a certain date vs assets inventoried before a certain date.

I currently have dates being entered in a field named [Date Last Inventoried]

I also created two additional fields that calculated automatically based on the first value.

                If “Inventoried Value” is equal to “1” in the first field, then “Inventoried” in the second field.

                If “Inventoried Value” is equal to “0” in the first field, then “Not Inventoried” in the second field.

                I achieved this through this calculation >> If ( Inventoried Value = 1; "Inventoried" ; "Not Inventoried" )

When i try to write a calculation to auto populate the "1" and "0" comparing it to my [Date Last Inventoried] field, it doesn't work. No matter the date entered, it will automatically fill [Inventoried Value] with "1" if the [Date Last Inventoried] is modified.

Here are the calculations i've tried.

          If ( Date Last Inventoried ≥ 7/1/2018 ; "1" ; "0" )


This is a snapshot of my table layout and the pie chart i'm trying to populate.