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Help with number formatting

Question asked by rummage on Aug 8, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2018 by dtcgnet

Hello Filemaker community. This is my first post and I'm hoping I can find an answer to a problem that plagues me currently. I'll try to give as much information as I can.


I have a page with a portal on it that gets used to create packing slips for orders being shipped out. There is a field with a drop down menu where the "product" is selected from and it auto-fills a "descriptions" field with the corresponding info such as the name of the product and the serial number, which the last 4 numbers get manually entered into the field. It looks something like this:

Product information

Serial No.: 123456


Now, mostly due to my lack of any training or education with filemaker, I have listed the various shipping methods under "product" so the subsequent lines of the packing slip can be filled out. When a shipping method is selected from the "product" list, it auto-fills the description with "Tracking No.:", which I then paste the tracking number from whatever website I'm shipping through.


Now, to what I'm trying to accomplish here. I am attempting to find a way to format the numbers when pasted into the field after "Tracking No.:" into sets of numbers. Right now it looks like this: Tracking No.: 123456789000 (Times New Roman font, 12pt.). I'd like it to look like this: Tracking No: 1234 5678 9000 (Verdana font, 10pt.), without having to manually go into the field afterwards and enter the spaces.


Is this something I can accomplish? Is it something I can do in a portal, or was that a bad design choice from the beginning?