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Question about relationships and multiple child records

Question asked by utfreak on Aug 7, 2018
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Good morning, I have a quick question regarding design and relationships of tables in a database I've inherited. My first parent table is "Employee" Table A which houses the pk (serial number.) My 2nd table (Table B) is a form that a user will fill out with 1-3 sets of dates and text fields with information pertaining to each of those dates. This is connected to Table A via the fk serial number.


My problem lies with the way the next "Results" table is set up (Table C). Table C is also a form that will show the employee serial number and name etc (Table A), show the 1-3 sets of dates and information (table B), and allow the users to input information in Results fields in Table C. We are having issues with records in Table C in that if a user has multiple records in Table B, we can only see the value of the first record if we have a Table B field viewable. Is this an issue with our relationships? The only current relationship is Table A_pk to Table B_fk and also Table A_pk to Table C_fk. Should Table C be a grandchild of Table B? Or does this need to be a multiple criteria relationship? Thanks for any advice.