LCFM Native Beta 1 Is Now Available to Download

Discussion created by LCLtd on Aug 8, 2018

Our team are in Dallas for FileMaker DevCon and we're delighted to be able to announce that beta 1 of LCFM Native is now available to download. If you would like to start compiling your FileMaker solution to Android please go and get a compiler license here and get involved in our beta program.


Its taken us a long time to get to this stage, however we now have a really solid core architecture that is going to let us get through the beta program rapidly. Our compiler technology has been implemented using best practices (learned over many years of building a development tool!) and we can confidently say is truly state of the art.


The LCFM Native tool takes your existing solution and produces a native Android app. This ground breaking tool includes a 5 user deployment pack as standard and is just $499 per annum - your subscription means you get every new release we make as we make it, including version 1 when it comes out.


If you're at FileMaker DevCon, please come by Booth 18 and we'll be happy to give you a demo of some FileMaker solutions we've converted running on Android tablets and phones. We're also very happy to answer any questions you may have on the stand.