Repeating container calculated field only displays first repetition

Discussion created by sleepy62 on Aug 7, 2018
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So I have a repeating field "stat" with a 1 or a 0 in each repetition.


I then have another repeating field "c_stat" which is a calculating field which gets the repetition from "stat" and displays a green dot if it is a 1 and a red dot if it is a 0.


The green and red dots are referenced from separate container fields.


The c_stat calculation looks like this:



$num=Get ( CalculationRepetitionNumber );

$stat=GetRepetition ( stat ; $num )





where green and red are the separate container fields.


The problem is that it only calculates the first repetition, the others are blank. See attached.


I have tried several variations on this, stored, unstirred calculations, globals for red and green, but no change.


I also tested the function by displaying the result as text instead of a container and it works fine. (see attached) I have checked the "calculation result is" and made sure it is container but it always just shows the first repetition.


Am I not understanding something?