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Access to local development server whilst on a Conference Meeting

Question asked by J_File on Aug 8, 2018
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Bit of an odd one, but I hope someone out there can help me get to the bottom of this.


I currently have a development server sitting on my local network at home. It is being run from a MacPro. I have assigned it a static IP address on my network, enabled port forwarding for ports 80, 443, 5003 and 16000. It works really well. I can work on it in super quick time with my work computer attached to the local network and my FileMaker databases are discovered on the local network, and I can also access it from outside my house due to the fact I have opened up the ports on my home router.


Thing is, I have a problem if I start a video conference meeting through the Microsoft Teams app. If I am on the video conference and I try to share my screen and then access my FileMaker files (to demo features), FileMaker runs extremely slowly - it is useless and crashes. However, if I take a backup off the Mac Pro and stick it on my work computer desktop and run it as a true local file, it works fine. There is something weird going on, I think, with the ports.


Is there anyone out there who has knowledge of FileMaker Server and port forwarding that can shed some light on this. Do I have to change a port somewhere in my setup?


Thanks in advance.