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Base Elements SQL insert of images not working on server

Question asked by jüho on Aug 8, 2018

I wrote a universal script to copy a record with all entries in subtables by using a nested SQL insert statement of the Base Elements plugin. The relevant statement is of the form:


INSERT INTO <target table> ( <input fields> ) SELECT < select fields from same table including images > WHERE < condition >


It works fine as long as the solution runs locally. When I run it on Filemaker Server all container fields with images are left out from the insert statement. The result is independent of the storage option internal/external and wether the relevant script step is carried out on the server or locally.


Does anyone know a solution for the BE plugin or a recommendation for another plugin that solves the problem?


Even more elegant would be the possibility to use a temporary table in the insert statement as I would do on a sql database to copy records, since a have to make sure that a new primary key is set and usually other fields have to be updated before the insert as well. That doesn't seem to work with the BE plugin though. Maybe this is a filemaker restriction.


Many thanks in advance,