Filemaker in Action: Research Case Studies

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Hello DevCon 2018:


Just wanted to make a shameless plug for my session on Thursday at 2:30 in Texas C: Filemaker in Action: Research Case Studies. If you work with university clients or have thought of marketing to universities, community colleges, think tanks, or other research entities, come see how Filemaker can offer wonderful opportunities for faculty, as well as the more traditional administrative offices. I am a thoroughly non-IT person who loves using Filemaker for my research. I use FileMaker to track and analyze the policy community that deals with terrorism and homeland security by examining congressional hearings on these topics. I can then use the data to analyze who testifies before and after a major event, what they testify about, and how those variables change over time, leading to a better understanding of the connection between major events and policy. This presentation will detail the structure of the database and the types of analysis it allows.