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How to Export checkboxes as multiple variables?

Question asked by belzebubbelgium on Aug 9, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2018 by Mike_Mitchell

Hey everyone,


I have a variable/field named Surgery with a checkbox value list with different types of surgery. When I export this to Excel and SPSS for analysis I only get one column with the variable 'Surgery' with different combinations of the checked types of surgery. This makes it hard to code. I would like to find an automatic solution to make more columns out of this one column so I can put all the types of surgery in a logistic regression model. It would be very nice if it was possible that I can create 3 colums (each for one type of surgery) as a dummy variable (yes or no) out of these one variable, based on the checked boxes.


Summarised (example for one record/patient)

I have this one field with 1 variable  Type of Surgery                        a) Haematoma removal  (checked)

                                                                                                          b) Ventricle drainage (unchecked)

                                                                                                          c)  Skull trepanation (checked)

And I would like to get 3 columns in Excel after exporting

                                                          Variable 1 : Haematoma removal: yes

                                                          Variable 2: Ventricle drainage: no

                                                          Variable 3: skull trepanation: yes


I hope that my question is clear. Is there anyone that could help me out?


Thanks in advance,