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*FileName* is currently in use and could not be opened - For local file only

Question asked by pmccudden on Aug 8, 2018
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I have been running into this consistent issue for quite a while but can't figure out why I keep on getting the following error:

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 11.35.54 PM.png

After you click "OK", it prompts you to browse for a file. I have contacted FileMaker two times about this but each time, the technician can't figure out why it is happening and as soon as they escalate it to a senior developer, they realize that it's a script that is causing the error (even if it's only cause because the script is trying to access a file, not a true script error) and they wipe their hands from it. So I implore you to help with this issue because I am at a loss and sadly this issue will sink my project due to it's sheer annoyance. This gets a little complicated so thank you if you stick with it and help me out.


The Set Up:

I have a four file solution. One of those file names is called Sales.fmp12. These four files are hosted by FileMaker Server 17, however, there are some workers who need offline access. For them I download the files from the server, zip them, and send the files to them, without changing any settings (there are sync scripts set up that only become visible when the file isn't hosted). There is a "Main Menu" file that is the hub used to navigate to the other three files.


The Issue:

This issue does not happen when using the hosted version of the files. However, on the location versions I get the above error intermittently while I am navigating through my solution (only with the sales file named, never with any of the other three files). However, it seems that there is no issue with functionality. Even though Sales "could not be opened", I can navigate to the file and I get this error even while I'm currently on the sales file. Although my solution doesn't seem to be effected by this error (aside from the dialog box telling me of the error), this dialog box will scare some of the people using this solution into thinking that they have broken the solution. When I convince them that they haven't, they will than become very annoyed at this dialog box because they will most likely encounter it several times throughout the day.


When it appears:

This error appears in four different situations:

1) When I navigate to another file using my "Go to File ( fileName )" script (details posted below). It appears even when the script doesn't use the sales file. *Note* This does not happen when I open the sales file directly by double clicking on it.

2) When I am currently on the sales file and I navigate away from the initial layout for the first time only. Subsequent navigations don't throw the error, but it happens consistently after the first open. *Note* The error appears when I use the native layout navigation drop down.

3) Whenever I close from just the Main Menu file, it will show me the dialog box and after it will close. This happens with and without the "onLastWindowClose" script. *Note* This just happens when I close the Main Menu file, not any of the other files, including sales.

4) I have not been able to reproduce this one consistently, however, several times when editing scripts, not in the sales file, when I enter a line of code, it will throw the error.


My thoughts:

There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with my solution. I seem to be receiving this error in error. However, FileMaker already knows about it and think it's an issue with my scripts (officially). But this error will make my solution too annoying to work with and people won't want to use it (very important in small companies). I have spent hours trying to fix this issue myself as well as hours on the phone with FileMaker to no avail.


Thank you for reading all the way through this and I appreciate any help offered. I am at a loss of why this could be happening and what to do to fix it.




"Go to File ( fileName )" Script:

This script only goes to set up files with the file name passed as a script parameter. I can post the exact script steps if anyone thinks this is important. I couldn't find an easy way to do this, so I haven't included it initially.