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How can I tell if a application crash caused damage?

Question asked by jenns on Aug 8, 2018
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Hi All,


I’m fairly new to Filemaker and I manage a database hosted on a server (server version 14). Recently, a user had their FMP application (version 15) crash/close while running a script that involves the known PC Email issue. I altered the script to allow the user to get their job done but the application still crashed many times. To the best of my knowledge, the server version never went down. The crashes also did not occur while data was being recorded or read.


I’ve since learned that application crashes can cause damage to the database and data but all the information I’ve found refer to desktop hosted databases vs ones on a server. Recently I found a data glitch that was created around the same time as the crashes. I don’t know if there are more out there.


Could these crashes have caused damage to the hosted database? How can I test the database to find any problems and how can I fix them? Also, if a crash like this happens, would the crash log be on the user's computer or on the server?


Thanks for your help!