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FMS17 stops accepting new connections port 5003

Question asked by mattsi on Aug 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2019 by TSGal

Our Filemaker 17 Server suddenly stops accepting new connections on port 5003, giving users trying to connect the dialog message "The file xxxxxxx.fmp12 could not be opened. Either the host is not available...". But already active client connections continue to work, not affected. After restarting the server machine everything is back to normal, accepting new connections on port 5003.


Question is: Why does Server stop listening to port 5003?


Its an intermittent problem, occurring about 10 times since upgrading to FMS17 Server in March 2018. As this is a production system, I don't want to spend too much time analyzing the problem before restarting the system. With new server hardware in place and the recent upgrade to FMS17.0.2 I had hoped to se this problem go away, but its still an issue.


Observations from FMP17 clients:

I can not get a list of Filemaker files hosted on the server.
I can not connect via "recent files" or other shortcuts.
The "Missing Admin Console" using the Server Admin API  works as expected.
If a working connection is closed, a new connection from the same client cant be established.

Observations from the network tool on client:
I can ping the server ip-adress with normal response times
WAN, VPN or local access makes no difference



Observations on the server machine:
The Admin console works as expected.

There is no indication we are close to maximum licensed users.
The server dashboard does not indicate server overload.
Other logs or script execution times does not indicate server performance issues.
This occurs as an intermitant problem, sometimes daily, sometimes weekly.

Restarting the server always helps.


This system has three "Robot clients" endlessly running scripts doing integration tasks with externmal systems like SAP, Magento. I do suspect that these scripts can run into problems (timeouts) if we lock up a Filemaker File doing field definitions etc.


Next steps:
- I just started the Top Call Statistics log on the server.
- How does it normally indicate work overload, licence maximum reached, etc?



FMS 17.0.2 Server (on MacOS HighSierra 10.13) on a dedicated server (iMac 2018)
50-80 clients FMP17 and FMP16 all on MacOS
All normal users authenticate with Microsoft Azure AD
Admins have direct file access