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One table or two?

Question asked by Eldberg on Aug 9, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2018 by davidhead

I manage a database containing information about graves in our cemetery. Every record represents a person buried there, with various info and the number of the grave. There can be several people buried in one grave (same number). There are also empty graves which have a number but no record.


Now we are making an inventory of the physical graves. A person walks around with a map of the cemetery and takes photos of every grave, with the number written on a small whiteboard so we know which grave is in the photo. Along with the pictures there will be information about the physical gravesite. This means we now need a database with one record for every grave.


This information needs to be accessible from the database containing records of people. Or vice versa. But it would be a waste of space to copy it into the persons database; the same info would then need to appear in several records of persons.


I've thought of creating some sort of relational database here. Can anyone give me some advice please?