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Discussion created by wcallman on Aug 9, 2018
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The title may not be the best, and I will do my best to document what I am asking:

System build out is on iMac 27" 5k High Sierra FM17 Pro Adv tools active latest version

Server database is running on FM17 latest version


To test I am on the lest expensive PC laptop (happen to be a HP) I could buy new, and the software installed is Microsoft Office and FileMaker Pro 17, both 64bit versions, advance tools NOT activated. My clients hardware is low end Dell typically an i3 processor.


Building a layout.

Client supplies a form in pdf that has about 68 data points on it. It is in 8 font. The PDF is clear, when I drag and drop in the layout it looks great. I add the fields to populate the questions, so far so good. The form looks good on the

iMac and a MacBook Pro. On the PC the form is slightly fuzzy when it prints it prints fuzzy.


The app that is opening and rendering pdf's by default is MicroSoft Edge. Adobe is not installed.


My question, When I print the form what does FileMaker do to create the image to print?

Whatever it is works on a Mac regardless of the age of the MAC. This leads me to believe it is in

the rendering prior to print and a translator for the print process on the PC. I openly admit I am not a coder

techno geek. I am just trying to use logic to figure this out. If I had an idea of what program or setting to change

to try it may work.


Any thoughts?