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New user-how to share applications

Question asked by cooh_admin on Aug 9, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2018 by Mike_Mitchell

Very new user to Filemaker Pro Advanced.  I work in a state government department and we want to create an application where we can track project completion occurring in each of the county level departments.  We'd also like to allow the county level departments to be able to access the application via their desktop internet, and be able to upload documents and share information with us.


We only have 5 individual licenses in our state department.  What are our options for completing this task?  We contacted Filemaker but didn't really get the support we were hoping.  Based on my research, we have these options:


1.  Each county department gets Filemaker for their computers.

2.  We purchase Filemaker Server and then the county departments can use Webdirect to access our application.  However, it looks like Webdirect has a monthly fee based on number of users, which is not an option for us.

3.  Get all the county departments an ipad or iphone so that can access Filemaker Go via their iso device.


All of these solutions are expensive and/or not really great.  Are there any other ways we can give the county departments access to our application?  Thanks in advance for your help.