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Data Migration Tool:  "**DBUnlock::Unlock child locks returned error 8000"

Question asked by DavidThorp on Aug 9, 2018
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Not sure if this is should be in "Report a Product Issue" or just "Discussion", but starting here, and see what happens.


During running of the Data Migration Tool on one particular pair of files (source and clone) it gets through most of the process really quickly but then seems to stall at one point for about an hour. 


I thought it had hung, but let it run just in case.  Ignored it for a while, and then when I came back after it had finished, I saw the following in the output at the point where it had paused for a long time:


2018-08-09 13:46:44.055 -0500 [Product_0x700006238000] **DBUnlock::Unlock child locks returned error 8000

2018-08-09 13:46:44.057 -0500 [Product_0x700006238000] **DBUnlock::Unlock child locks returned error 8000


What is this?  Bug?  File corruption?  Nothing to worry about?  Even if it's nothing to be worried about, what does it mean?


The point where it paused, I believe it was transferring about 40,000 product records, where all the other tables in the same file have significantly less records (no more than about 2500).  So that might account for the time it paused, although I've heard reports of people transferring millions of records in a few hours, so an hour for 40,000 seems contrary to those experiences.  Also a couple of other files I'm also migrating have record counts in tables that aren't much less than that 40K, but are migrating in seconds. I realize there are likely other factors other than just record count - field count, calculations, indexes, etc, but the inconsistencies seem to be disproportionate to those factors.


So... those inconsistencies, plus the messages above at the same place in the process, have me concerned that something might be wrong.


Can anyone advise?