Second Page to Printed Report

Discussion created by barryweber on Aug 9, 2018
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I have a print layout on a project that has a list view body with a sort of related records that fills the body.


Above that I have a Title Header & Header


Below the Body I have a signature area and used TRAILING GRAND SUMMARY for that section.


They liked the setup so well they request and additional page of Detailed Terms and so on but that must print on a final page of the report all on its own.


That didn't work for me to get the final terms page on its own page, so I attempted to switch the Trailing Grand Summary to a Sub Summary, but then that section never prints for me.


Also I couldn't put the whole Terms Page into a Footer because the header and footer were larger than the page

and it overprinted the Terms page with the form.


So to illustrate the Parts:


Title Header

Header (for reports longer than 1 page)

Body (Repeated list of items as a List View)

Sub Summary (Doesn't print)

Trailing Grand Summary (Terms Page fills a full page and should be able to appear in PDF files as one file for emailing)


Anyone with more experience than I have with this stuff please give some input, my head is stuck.