Session Materials for Balancing Your Day Job with Your Development Job

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Balancing Your Day Job with Your Development Job



I would like to thank all those people that attended the session for making it a success. For those that could not attend DEVCON or those that were attending another great session, I encourage you to download all the materials and extras.


1.) Resources_1_9_db.zip


Resources.fmp12 - this is a Resources database so you may add to it.

Resource File Instructions - comes with an instruction manual.

About Solution pdf - explains why the solution was developed.

Resource Listings.pdf - printed sub-summary report with working links.



2.) CUS01.zip


PDF version of the slides. The speaker notes explains the point I am trying to maker/cover.



3.) CUS01Extras.zip


Balancing Duties Paper - an overview of the session.

Questions for Planning - an self questionnaire for disruption planning.

Sample Daily Duties List - for each Position.

Software Keep_Update_Create - how to decide if you should update the process/software.

Suggestion Policy Examples


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