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Barcode Scanning Issue - GS1-128

Question asked by matthewbellin on Aug 10, 2018

I am having a challenge implementing GS1-128 barcodes.  If there is a barcode guru out there who might shed some light on this, I would appreciate the advice. (BTW, I use Geist's barcode creator and it works well.)

My challenge is that scanning the barcode with FileMaker Go captures the correct data, but scanning with a laser barcode scanner, a critical non-printing character is omitted.   This makes parsing the data difficult.  Here are the details:


GS1-128 BARCODE   (See attached image)




When GS1-128 barcodes are created, the parenthesis containing the 'application identifiers' are deleted and a non-printing character (ascii 0029) is inserted between the "application identifiers".   So the data to be encode, above, should show when scanned:   219876524156789



DATA SCANNED WITH IPHONE (iPhone 7, FileMaker Go 17)

What appears in FileMaker text field:     219876524156789

Text field data using the FileMaker ‘Code’ function:  57000560005500054000530004900052000500002900053000540005500056000570004900050

Note: The ascii code 00029 is present, but does is not visible in the text field in FileMaker.



What appears in text field:  219876524156789

Text field data using the FileMaker ‘Code’ function: 570005600055000540005300049000520005000053000540005500056000570004900050

Note: The ascii code 00029 does not appear. That makes it impossible to parse the data.


You might suggest that it is the scanner which is the problem.   But if I scan the barcode directly into Word, I can tell that a code is passed because right at the correct spot (between the 5 and the 2) the font size is increased each time I scan the barcode.   Clearly a non-visible code in the scanned data is telling Word (Office 365, Windows 10) to increase font size.  It appears like this:   219876524156789     So, I am fairly confident that the laser scanner is sending the 00029 code.   For some reason, it is not being captured in FileMaker.


Thanks for your help!