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Searching and matching keywords/tags with text strings

Question asked by garyjones on Aug 11, 2018
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I've been trying to work a solution for my requirement but have ended up more confused than when I started. Very frustrating. Any help with the below would be immensely appreciated.


From my start point I created two tables -


1). Study_Papers - consisting of records of published research papers with two fields; _pkStudyPaperID and Title. The latter being a text field that contains the study title.


2). Tags_List - in which sits a number of records containing tags. This also has two fields; -pkTagID and Tag_Description.


The Tags list was created via an online tool into which I pasted all the study titles as one text file. The majority of which are single words here are some that consist of two words, such as blood pressure, and a few that are hyphenated, such as stress-induced.


As you would expect the initial list consisted of duplicates and unwanted words




An example of which is "Relaxing music prevents stress-induced increases in subjective anxiety, systolic blood pressure and heart rate in healthy males and females".