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Searching for & matching short text tags within larger text strings

Question asked by garyjones on Aug 11, 2018
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I have tied myself up in knots with this and was hoping someone could help.


At my start point I have the following two tables -


1). Study_Papers. The 180 records within this contain the title of various publications. There are two fields, _pkStudyPaperID and Study_Title.


2). Tags_List. This contains 420 records that feature tags (keywords) extracted, via an online tool, from the study paper titles that were combined inot a single text file. This has two fields, _pkTagID and Tag_Description.


In most instances these are single words but some feature two - such as "blood pressure" - and some were originally hyphenated - such as "stress-induced"; in this instance I subsequently edited it to "stress" to narrow down the tag options.


What I have been trying to do is created a scripted process that searches and matches the occurence of any Tag_Description  within each Study_Title field, and create a record within a third join table that records the _pkStudyPaperID and _pkTagID.


There is also a further consideration. As mentioned above, some of the Tag_Description fields feature two words, a few are hyphenated and a number of the single word tags can be found within part of a hyphenated word within in a Study_Title.


The following is an example of a Study_Title that shows the "stress" example, also mentioned above - "Relaxing music prevents stress-induced increases in subjective anxiety, systolic blood pressure and heart rate in healthy males and females".


I've tried various function combinations, finds and scrip approaches but to no avail. I suspect there is probably an elegant way of doing this but can't get any clarity.


All and any help would be hugley appreciated.