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Weird issue with Perform Script (FM_16) vs Perform Script (FM_17)

Question asked by ak_crux on Aug 11, 2018

We all know the Perform Script step changed from FM 16 to 17.  I came across an unusual issue which I wanted to share.


I have some scripts that were created in FM 16 and used the Perform Script step. I then modified those scripts on the same database in FM 17, as well as added some new Perform Script steps. All of these scripts run on a stand alone copy of FMGo for an offline file (so no network connection).  What happened next was weird.


1. When using FMGo 16 when the script got to the point where it calls the Perform Script step the database just closes.


2. I downloaded FMGo 17 and found everything worked fine with no changes to the file or scripts.


3. I then figured that the difference in the Perform Script step was making FMGo 16 misbehave, so I opened the file in FM16 Advanced.  I saw the script steps were now listed as the old version (Perform Script - NOT Perform Script by Name).  I saved the scripts and file and then attempted to load on FMGo 16 again, at which point it failed right when this step was called (like before).


4. When I opened the file again in FMGo17 it also failed (same as 16), which it did not do before.


5. When the file was opened in FM17 Advanced, the previous Perform Script Step was renamed to Perform Script by Name (presumably by FM17). However it wasn't working in FMGo17.


6. The fix for this was (in FM17) to delete the script step and re-insert it pointing it to where it had to go.  Even though both steps looked the same apparently something was lost in translation.


What is interesting is that I have a lot of other Perform Script steps in the solution (from when it was made in 16), that still work on FMGo16.  It appears that only Perform Script steps that I modified or touched in FM17 stop working in FMGo16.


Anyone else have this issue?


I now have to update all iPads to FMGo 17 in order to make my solution keep working.