Go to Layout not working in Web Direct

Discussion created by mcnaughtan on Aug 12, 2018
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I have an online meeting registration system for people belonging to a particular kindergarten running on Web Direct.


Part of the procedure asks the user to type in the town of the kindergarten he or she is involved with so that the correct kindergarten can be identified. there are then four possibilities:


1. The user is not affiliated with a kindergarten. The script notes this and continues on to the next relevant field. This works.

2. There is only one kindergarten in the town. The script goes to the kindergarten table, using Find mode it pulls out the correct name and the ID of the kindergarten, returns to the original layout and enters the relevant data using global variables. This also works.

3. There are several kindergartens in the town. The script finds them and diverts to a new layout of the kindergarten table which lists the various offers. A button selects the correct kindergarten and proceeds as in variation 2. This works perfectly locally but breaks every time at the "Go to Layout" step for the listing of the found kindergartens using Web Direct.

4. The user enters invalid data. The system picks this up correctly.


Am I running into a limit somewhere here?