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Reporting difference between ExecuteSQL result and natural Find?

Question asked by user29439 on Aug 12, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2018 by steve_ssh

So, I am running reports of the number of events that happen in a given month to determine profitability. In this case, a "natural find" (you know, a good old-fashioned FIND mode with multiple layers is generating a number that's different than an ExecuteSQL request for the same info.

To wit:

FIND: Month = 3/*/2018

New request

Omit record

ClientName = "X"

New Request

Omit record

Type = "Y"

Perform Find :: Result = 794



ExecuteSQL (

"SELECT COUNT (\"eventID\" )

FROM \"Event Records\"

WHERE \"Date of Event\" >= ? AND \"Date of Event\" <= ? AND \"event type\" <> ? AND \"ClientNameCalc\" <> ?";

"";"";"03-01-2018";"03-31-2018"; "X";"Y" )

Result = 843


Am I missing something? This just seems like way too big of a discrepancy for what 'appear' to be the same requests...


Thanks in advance...