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Security Issues

Question asked by TKnTexas55 on Aug 13, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2018 by FileKraft

I have three Accounts Payable files:

1)  MATech  (Checks)  
2)  APInvoice (Invoices/Credit Memos) 
3)  FileCabinet (Invoices images)


We open the image file and by script it opens the other two.  The Accounting Manager opened FileCabinet and got a message:

The file is open on the FMS17 Server.  My AP coworker and I using it.  Since the message references the Extended Privilege is disabled, I tried to open File->Manage->Security

I have full-access as USER ap, and I have the Admin password for the file.  There are no issues with the other two files.  I can use full-access except security. 


I am not sure how to troubleshoot at this point.