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Conditional formatting of records selected within a Cartesian join portal display

Question asked by garyjones on Aug 12, 2018
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I have a file that contains tags which have been applied to a publication title. I had a go today at building a Tag/Title editor, starting by adapting a PhilMod template I downloaded a while ago. The main driver for using this template is because it is a Search As You Type portal filter model - given the Tag list will become quite large this functionality is essential. I've got everything working in terms of data management but the search results process still needs refining.


What I have been attempting to do is apply conditional formatting, or an image, to the SAYT portal results that shows the tag has been used and sort them so they are at the bottom. Also, I wanted to undo the conditional formatting if the tag is deselected.


In case anyone can help I have attached a file in which I placed two popovers (red question mark buttons) that explain what I have been trying to achieve.


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