Emailing a layout(letter) on a PC

Discussion created by wcallman on Aug 13, 2018
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I have read through a multitude of discussions on this topic, and looked at a variety of online solutions, I even broke down and bought the cheapest Windows 10 laptop I could find (to simulate my clients situation), an HP Pentium Laptop. This solution I stumbled on while clicking everything I saw on the screen using Windows 10. This has not been tested on any other version of Windows.


Open the layout/letter to email

1. Right click on the document

2. Select Save & Send Record as PDF

3. Under File Name;  change untitled to appt (any file name this was an appointment letter)

4. Under Save as type: Pdf Files (.pdf)

5. Under Save: change Records being browsed TO Current Record

6. Click the check box for automatically open file

    Note: I was working remotely on their FM server and the email option did not work, may be related to

     remote access. Needs to be tested.

7. Click save


Now the document is open on the screen; GO TO upper right

hand corner and you will see ↗️(curved) Click on that and chose

mail. Enter the address and send.


The next time you perform this when you change the file name to appt

you will advised there is already a document with that name do you want

to overwrite it and answer yes.


This does work, tested it multiple times from multiple locations. Just not inside their firewall.

or Buy a Mac and just right click on the document and lick send in mail. LOLa


Now to try to write a script to do this. :-o