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Using "Open File" to open multiple databases

Question asked by user2147200 on Aug 13, 2018
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I've created an Opener database with buttons linking to several other databases located on the clients FileMaker Server. For the most part, everything looks good (e.g., clicking a button will open one of the databases as expected). However, if I want to open another database (while the original is still open), instead of opening the database it simple goes to the window for the first open database.


Example 1: Click DB1 opens DB1. Click DB2 go to DB1 window.

Example 2: Click DB1 opens DB1. Close DB1. Click DB2 opens DB2.


If I close/reopen the Opener it will open DB2 even if DB1 is still open, but I'm hoping for a solution that doesn't require reopening the Opener database.


I've tried it with FMPA on macOS 10.13 and same FMPA on Windows 10.


Thanks for any help.