Help with solving aWindows user's problem

Discussion created by tcwaters on Aug 13, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2018 by mattel

I have both Mac and Win desktop users who experience no issues with Filemaker, but I have one Win user who has an issue, we haven't been able to resolve. 


She comes in, opens Filemaker in the morning, and it is fine.  But then later in the day, if she tries to get into the same database, the text appears to be windings or some other language.  This seems to happen if she quits Filemaker after the morning use, or if she minimizes it.


It doesn't happen every single day.  She can go weeks without it happening, and then it can be every day.


The problem was happening when she was running 16, and first thing I did was make sure she was up to date with the most recent version. Last week, I had our desktop support guy delete all Filemaker from her box, and instal v17.0.2 but the problem persists.


I'm not a Windows guy, so I feel lost trying to troubleshoot a Windows computer. Our desktop support guy simply says he doesn't know anything about Filemaker.


Any help would be appreciated.  THX!