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Concatenating efficiency question

Question asked by yodavish on Aug 13, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2018 by fmpdude

Hello FM Community,


I have 5 columns of data on a Sybase database (not including the unique identifier) that can have multiple records that I need to concatenate into their specific field base off of the identifier. For instance,


"date of service" 3 records

  • 1/11/2000
  • 2/21/2001
  • 3/29/2010

"text" 3 records

  • text 1
  • text 2
  • text 3

End goal (comma or semicolon delimiter):

id = 1

date of service: "1/11/2000, 2/21/2001, 3/29/2010"

text: "text1, text2, text3"


My question is, would it be faster to have this data imported into my local SQL server express (they don't want to run stored procedures on the live servers) and have it run the millions of records by a store procedure to process the records before importing into FM. Or import the data into FM into temporary tables and have FM concatenate the data and update the records on the main tables for those 5 empty fields. Then remove the temp table?


Thanks in advance!