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Can't use FMGo without a network connection even with no related tables....

Question asked by ak_crux on Aug 13, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2018 by schamblee

We are having an issue with a solution that uses an offline file with cached records on an FMGo file.  In short here is the process and our issue:


On the hosted file:

     1. Create an SQL array of records for use on offline file (about 10,000 records)

     2. Save SQL array in a field of a table that is related to a table in the offline file (so array is in 2 fields - server file and offline file.

     3. Close the hosted file


On the offline file

     1. Open the file and read the SQL array and "unpack" into records in the offline file.  There is a script that performs this.


All of this works fine except that when we put the iPad into airplane mode while the script is populating the records of the offline file the script stops and says "connecting" and then eventually the file closes.  There is nothing in the script that calls anything on the server file at all, so there is no reason we can tell that a network connection is needed. In the offline file there are no tables with any relationships to the server file.  All those relationships are on the server file only.


The reason we want this to work with no connection is because the transfer of the SQL array from Server to iPad takes about 15 seconds, and the "unpacking" takes 7 minutes.  We want users to be able to go to a no-service area while this is happening.


We have a script step to close the hosted file in the open file script of the offline file.  We've also used FM Perception to check the offline file for any and all connections to the server file and can't find any.


Any ideas on how to track this down?  Does FMGo17 need a network connection to function?