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FMPerception or other tool to investigate deletions

Question asked by Hemant Kumar Patel on Aug 14, 2018
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We have a database solution for a client in production. They sometimes report that the data is getting deleted from one of the tables (Guests Table). It happens in every 4-5 months that several of the Guest records get deleted.

We have checked all the scripts related to Guest functionality and cascade deletion to Guests table but could not find anything which causes the deletion and as it happens randomly and very rarely, it is very difficult to reproduce and find the cause.
So now we are thinking to use any tools like FMPerception (or any other if anyone can suggest). When using FMPerception we are not able to see which scripts are having references to this table or the Table have references to scripts.

Does anyone have any experience using FMPerception? And any suggestions to find the cause in this scenario?

Any feedback is welcome.