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ESS MySQL utf8mb4 issue on a remotely opened file

Question asked by ave on Aug 14, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2018 by TSGal

Product and version:


MySQL 5.7.22

Actual ODBC Driver 4.2.0


Tested with the following combinations of FMS and FMP


  • FMS + FMP
  • FMS + FMP
  • FMS + FMP
  • FMS + FMP


OS and version:


macOS 10.13.6




FMSs are on Mac mini server (Late 2012)

MySQLs are on ubuntu linux or MacBook Pro 2018




Although FileMaker Pro correctly handles MySQL's utf8mb4 encoding on a local file, it fails to read/write four byte utf8 characters when opening the same file remotely.


How to replicate:


1. Create a new database in MySQL with 'utf8mb4' as the default character set.


create database test

  character set utf8mb4

  collate utf8mb4_general_ci;


2. Create a new table (the DB charset is used implicitly).


create table `test` (

  `id` INT NOT NULL,

  `name` VARCHAR(8)

) ENGINE = InnoDB;


3. Insert a row with a four byte UTF-8 character (revolving hearts emoji).


insert `test` (`id`,`name`) values (1, 0xf09f929e);


4. On a FileMaker Server machine, create a new DSN for the 'test' database in ODBC The 'Advanced Language...' setting is as follows.


  - Auto-detect language settings for application : off

  - Application uses the "wide" ODBC API : on

  - Treat text types as Unicode : on


5. Create a new FM database file with an external data source connected to the defined DSN. Verify that the emoji character is correctly displayed on a layout.


6. Upload the FM DB to FM Server.


7. Using FM Pro, open the FM DB as a client.


8. View the record in the test table.


9. Input a four-byte UTF-8 character like Char(5646955357) into the name field.


Expected result:


At step 8, the emoji character is displayed correctly.

At step 9, the entered character is saved and displayed correctly.


Actual result:


At step 8, the emoji character is garbled.

At step 9, the entered character is garbled (no error message).




I have tried various combination of 'Advanced Language...' setting for the DSN and none of them worked.


Additional info:


I am not sure if this is a regression (i.e. it worked as expected in an older version) or it never worked on a remote file.