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FMS SaaS Multi-Tenant (via dynamically linking external FileMaker data)

Question asked by Jonathan Feeney on Aug 13, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2018 by Jonathan Feeney

To date a common approach to shared hosting a vertical solution has been for the solution bundle to be duplicated and serialized for each customer.


- Login_ABC017

- UI_ABC017

- Data_ABC017

- Login_DEF032

- UI_DEF032

- Data_DEF032


— — —


In theory the following setup should also be possible. When a customer logs in, the Data file associated with their user account is dynamically linked to the UI file using an external data source variable.


- Login (shared by all customers)

- UI (shared by all customers)

- Data_ABC017 (restricted to customer ABC017)

- Data_DEF032 (restricted to customer DEF032)

- Data_GHI047 (restricted to customer GHI047)


— — —


Our vertical solution is 1 GB without data. Using this "multi-tenant" model could eliminate 50 GB in duplicate UI files and reduce the number of servers we manage. Minor bugs could be fixed in 1 UI file instead of across potentially hundreds of duplicate UI files and dozens of servers. (To mention a few benefits).


I've had many conversations in-theory about this topic and whether it's a good/bad deployment model.


My question:


Has any FBA/SBA field tested the reliability of this "multi-tenant" separation model using FileMaker external data variables?