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No more FM Nexus Inspector?

Question asked by vincent86 on Aug 13, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2018 by vincent86

The last I know of was FMnexus Inspector 2.0.  This was for older versions of filemaker pro.  It went through all of your files and showed all the relationships between the files and tables.  It was very helpful, because you could see it all in one place.  Is there a built in solution for this now in FMP17?  I am coming up short.  We have 63 files.  Yes, we are considering consolidating, but in order to do that, we have to see it all first.  We will use an automated software, and try to reduce down to one file per app, but this is a big gamble, since our apps actually talk to each other some (a few relationships).  We are in hopes that we can record these relationships between apps, and then rebuild them.