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Window Positioning

Question asked by DennyHayes on Aug 13, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2018 by philmodjunk

I have created a layout that functions like the finder, where you click on a folder, instead of an arrow to open and close the folder, but unlike the finder that has a folder icon with no apparent function, I put the number of items in the folder. As you can see, the title called Negatives is closed because it shows 15 items in the folder. I also gave the layout the ability to move an item or thread to a new location. But since there is no way to drag and drop other than highlighted text, I made it so that the user clicks in a folder, and then if he clicks the Move button, it asked the user to select the new location for the record or thread. When you click on the new location the folder or record is moved to that new location., and an update script runs to make sure everything thing is still in alphabetic order, both in and out of the folders. There is also a feature so that you can click on a comment and the contents of the folder pops out other the rest of the records and turns white. But since there could be an unlimited size of text, I had to make it so that if the text is too large it jumps to an edit layout with a scrollable field, where you can even zoom the text size, and edit the contents. But even if the text is small the user can either edit the white text or click on the Zoom button on the initial layout and it will move to the edit layout. The purpose for all of this is that in the various chats, people seem to ask the same questions over and over. So with this setup a user can click on the right arrow which copies the message to the clipboard so that it cam be pasted into a chat text entry window. The arrow also turns red to verify the it was copied to the clipboard. My problem is that there is a lot going on, moving stuff, adding new records, sorting, etc., its hard to not have the window bounce all over. I was able to do all the activities on another layout, and I can easily return to the initial record that I started from, or any other record, but I can't seem to find a way for the viewable area window to not move.