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I Hate IOS Keyboard Popups

Question asked by DennyHayes on Aug 13, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2018 by DennyHayes

I have a problem. Actually many problems, but that is a different issue I have done many searches and watched many YouTube videos about how to get rid of the annoying keyboard and navigation windows that pop up any time you go to a text field, even when you turn off the ability to edit the text, and are only using it for review. So what I did was create this cool looking layout, where users can navigate a different way. This way I use buttons to navigate, and I put a vertical bar on the left, where the length of the bar represents the compete text, and the length of the white area represents the length of what is being viewed relative to the entire text, and the position of the white bar represents the relative position in the entire text. I also added a feature where the user can click in the vertical bar on the left, and the center of the white portion of the bar moves to that position in the entire text, and the text that is viewed is updated.


It all works fine, but is only usable on edited text where there is a CR at the end of each line. And since FM doesn't have a feature for positioning the cursor in a block of text, that has to be done by hand, which means that it is impossible to have it done with a calc or script. But the problem that I mentioned at the beginning is that the Geneva point that I an using is not the same on iOS, and I don't know of a font that will appear the same on all platforms. So any help will be much appreciated.