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Deleted ESS tables/TOs Creating Recovery Issues

Question asked by user10625 on Aug 14, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2018 by user10625

FileMaker Pro 14 - 17

Filemaker Server 14, and 16  (with ESS)

Server OS:  was Windows 2008 R2, is now  Windows 2012 R2


Did a test recovery of a large file (100+ tables, etc.)   I work with, for the first time in probably too long.


Noticed a few issues.  Some of them were the 8476 Theme issues that apparently are not something to worry about.


Also saw some some 8473 issues. 


0     Recovering: table '' (350)

8473     Created table 'Recovered'

0     Recovering: table '' (368)

8473     Created table 'Recovered 2'


I looked up the objects 350 and 368 in an old BaseElements analysis, and it pointed to 2 ESS table occurrences, which I did delete from the file a few months ago.


I am wondering:


1)  If this is a bug with ESS.  I don't remember seeing any errors or such.  I think I just deleted the T.O.s.  I can't remember if I also deleted the Tables from the table list (or if that happens automatically with ESS), but the tables are definitely not there anymore in the table list.  It didn't seem like somethign that would cause corruption "ghosts" tables or what-not.


2)  Not sure how much I should worry about this.  I guess I could recover a clone, remove the "Recovered" tables, and then import all of the data, but I'm not sure it's worth all of that effort, since none of this is pointing at "real" data in the file.


Happy to send a clone through the usual private channels if needed.



Christopher Bailey