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Sort script problem

Question asked by yodavish on Aug 14, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2018 by yodavish

Hello FM Community,


I have a script that I want to use on multiple list layouts, once a given header field, such as "Gender" or "Age Acct Date" (passed by a script parameter) is clicked it will sort it. However, if the object name (field) does not have any data (unable to click inside the field because I'm assuming it does not have a record?), then I get an error "[101] Record is missing" and will not sort the field anymore. The data was imported from a database, so some fields will occasionally not have any data in them nor do we want them to edit the fields. Is there a way around this? Below is the script along with when the sort script stops working when it has sorted by descending order, it's unable to sort by ascending order now:



this does not sort, can't click inside "Gender" field


this does sort because I can click inside "Age Acc Date" this is a calculation field



Thanks in advance!