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Sorting a portal based on a field from non-portal context?

Question asked by steve_ssh on Aug 14, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2018 by steve_ssh

Hi All,


Wondering if folks could please weigh in on the following?:


   • When setting up sorting at the Portal level, the field picker allows for selecting fields from the context of the portal.


   • IIRC, previous versions of FMP(A), that UI might have allowed for selection from other (related) contexts, as well.


   • AFAICS, it is still possible to select fields from other contexts by temporarily re-setting the context of the Portal (and then setting back, after having selected some sort fields from another context).





   • Presumably the reason that the UI no longer allows such other-context selection is because this is being discouraged, and, if so, my guess would be we are being discouraged for reasons related to performance.  Does anybody know the official scoop on this, and, if so, could you please share?


   • Amongst those instances where any of you are configuring sorting at the portal level, are you ever using non-portal-context fields in the sort order?





I am aware of some of the usual performance considerations between implementing a sort at the relationship level versus implementing it at the portal level, but I'd still like to know more about the question above.  I've occasionally used non-portal-context sort fields, and have never had any issue with them, but I'd like a broader range of experience to draw on here, so that I can get a sense as to whether or not I could comfortably recommend this approach to other developers, or whether it would be better to discourage it.


Many thanks everyone & kind regards,