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Magic Value List (MVL) SQL Oddities:  Can I SORT ? 

Question asked by wedgeman on Aug 14, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2018 by user19752

making liberal use of MVL, but having a few quirks..




On Checkboxes -  i'd love to show fields Table:firstname + Table::lastname,  but  alphabetize by Table:lastname... haven't been successful at passing a sort from SQL thru the ValueList...  any method to the madness there?

my trigger parameter looks like this:

               MVL_CheckBox_1 ( ExecuteSQL ( "

                         SELECT FirstName + ' ' + LastName

                              from Team

                              WHERE fieldnamex='XYZ' and Status='Active'

                              ORDER LastName ASC" ; "" ; "" ) )



QUestion number 2...  Is there any particular value in having more than say 1 DropDown MVL? I may use 3 or 4 on a layout, but just assumed i'd have the layout look up all values on the fly..   Does it save performance on a WAN (cloud based) situation, to have those MVLs triggered say once during a session (assuming the VL isn't updated very often)?


And MVL Question 3 (since I'm on the MVL subject):  on checkboxes - what is the preferred point for scripttriggering them, so they appear correctly?  OnRecordLoad, or LayoutEntry?


And MVL Question4 (perhaps this is just clean "SQL"): is "Position" a taboo word for ExecuteSQL?   I had a db field named "position", and every single time I used it in a select function it died.... if I changed the name from "position" to "dosition", it works perfectly... whasssssup with that????

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