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Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 For Mac Released

Discussion created by Andy Hibbs on Aug 15, 2018
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Previous discussions regarding Remote Desktop 10 Beta for Mac were buried in an earlier post Microsoft Update 1805 Breaks Remote Desktop for Windows but Remote Desktop for Mac has now been officially released on the App Store.


This is a much better product than v8 it replaces, which was updated last week to add a warning to show that it is due to be deprecated.


The current  v10 release 10.2.1 build 1143 currently matches the beta version.


Although we use Jump Desktop for RDP management of all our Windows servers, primarily down to the built in SSH tunnels needed to connect to these, we've been using and testing Remote Desktop 10 Beta for over a year. The Microsoft RDP Mac team have had access to one of our FileMaker licenses on one of our RemoteApp servers and a couple of our databases, where we could replicate problems, often window handling, for them to identify and resolve.


They've been great to work with (in contrast to their Windows counterparts that caused the problem within the above linked post) and have responded to our reported problems pretty much by return and released new builds of the beta quickly and frequently.


This version doesn't have full support for the Mac keyboard, but it does support Command, C, X, and V for copy, cut and paste and it is on their development schedule to not only support the Mac keyboard entirely (which Citrix Receiver does), but also international versions.


If you use the existing MRD v8, we'd encourage you to try this newer version, which remains a free download.