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Cannot Deselect Server In Host List in Windows

Question asked by Andy Hibbs on Aug 15, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2018 by TSGal

Windows 10, FileMaker Pro Advanced v17.0.2.205


A very annoying change of behaviour with FMPA v17 within Windows.


Previously, to deselect a server from the favourites list, all we had to do was to click in white space below.


When supporting multiple servers, all of which are configured to prompt for user name and password to gain access to specific files, after finding out that the wrong user name and password has been entered and the files displayed are not the ones needed, instead of simply clicking in the white space below and back on the server name, we have to click on another server (if available), click cancel to the user name/password prompt, then click back on the original server name and finally can enter the new credentials.


If there are no additional servers, the only way of reselecting the server I've found, is to click cancel to the whole hosts window and reselect it from the file menu or keyboard shortcut.


In the Mac version of v17 all you have to do is to command click on the server name to deselect it, which has been consistent behaviour through the different versions. I cannot find a key combination to do this in Windows and clicking in the white space below no longer works.


Small detail I know, but the wasted time really mounts up, please restore the original behaviour.