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Relational issue in Filemaker (maybe?) - calculated fields per portal row

Question asked by bpl5683 on Aug 15, 2018
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I'm developing a solution for personal use and I'm having trouble figuring out where I'm going wrong. I'm in sales and sell inventory items through various sales channels and reps. We very much look at things on an item by item basis, and have a ever changing number of sales channels/reps to go through. I'm trying to create an 'item' table layout that includes a portal with calculations for commissions/fees/and other expenses by each sales channel/rep. I'm wanting all sales channels and reps listed out in a single portal for ease of comparison when dealing with a single inventory item. However, I can't seem to get the relationship right.

In other words how do I get each portal row of to calculate the (variable by row) expenses on that single item in the 'item layout'. I haven't got into scripting yet, but I've got a hunch this is something that is do-able through some calculations, and the right relationships.

Thanks in Advance.