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Possible bug in Inspector w/Copy Paste & returns

Question asked by SteveMartino on Aug 15, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2018 by SteveMartino

I don't know if this is a bug (couldn't find it by searching) or standard operation procedure.  If it appears to be a bug I'll report it properly.


Windows, 7 & 8, FM Pro Adv 16 (latest update).


Consider the follow simple calculation:





Formatted with returns for easier reading (or imagine a long complicated Let function).


I'm in layout mode talking specifically about the 'Hide Object When' or 'Tooltip' edit boxes in the Inspector.

I tab to or click-select, the Edit Box, Ctrl +A (to copy all) to copy the expression-it does copy the whole expression.  If I then go to another (or even the same) 'Hide Object When' or 'Tooltip' edit box, and then Ctrl+V to paste, it only pastes the first line of the calculation up to the return.


If I tab/click and open the the 'Edit Calculation' box, then paste, it pastes the entire calculation.


But, if I use the same calculation, no returns, like this:


with no returns, I can paste that into the Edit Box with keyboard commands only.


Just wondering what others think/experience.  I do like keyboard commands and not opening the 'Edit Calculation' box, but I also like easier to read calculations.