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Development Timeframes

Question asked by user28654 on Aug 15, 2018
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I am having trouble giving development timeframes when asked to build something. My boss will say "I need X, how long will that take to build". I am frequently left guessing, is there a rule of thumb etc. that may help me?


My current task is an expansion of a current project, we have taken on a new work stream and it is to incorporated into a current app we have built.


Since this is a new work stream i propose adding it as its own table, this will then require:

  • A new table to be created on server and remotely.
  • Minimum 4 additional layouts on server ( with scripts, script triggers etc.)
  • Minimum 6 new layouts on the remote app.
  • Associated scripting to allow job to be progressed.
  • A few changes/additions to the sync scripting to incorporate the new data.


How long of a time frame should i be giving roughly? I don't want to say too short and end up stuck for time but i also do not want to say too long either if it won't take that.


I will be allowing 1 week at the end for testing.