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FM Server performance issues

Question asked by yodavish on Aug 15, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2018 by yodavish

Hello FM Community,


I've moved my solution to an FM server for some simple testing. One of which was performed finds on indexed fields using a wildcard phrase(*" "). The search appears to take much longer than on my local machine, however, when I try to cancel and press the escape key, it just keeps going and won't actually cancel the find. Its been over 15 minutes on this last one and still won't cancel the find. The only way for me to stop it is to end the process through task manager service. This has happened four times now. The solution is over 40 GB, but I never had a problem canceling searches before. Any ideas what could be the issue? Logging back into the solution doesn't appear to have any issues nor does it check for the consistency like when I close it ungracefully on my local machine.


System statistics from FM Admin console with only one active solution on the Server:


Volume Status:


CPU usage





Is there anything I can do to help improve performance from the FM Server?