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Looping through portals fun

Question asked by ben2017 on Aug 16, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2018 by filemakercowboy

Posted a question earlier about this and thought we had it solved but in the end, i realised in making one part of the script work another had broken.



Above we have 2 portals on one layout. One for 'call data' and one for assigned 'personnel'. The top call data portal is filtered by date to show the most recent first.


What I'm trying to do is send the top row call details (most recent call) in the 'call data' portal to all personnel's emails listed in the lower personnel portal.


Where I keep encountering problems is the script seems to be cycling through both portals records instead of just the bottom one.


I have names for both portals. 'portal' is the call data portal. 'portal2' is personnel. (i will rename them more meaningful after)


The script is



I should note this is a script I've been handed and not totally sure how its working. For example when it sends an email it does have the call details etc but how does it know to grab the details? Is it doing it simply because that row is selected in go to portal row step?