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Script Inputs Wrong Values, But Not In Debug Mode

Question asked by bratnetwork on Aug 16, 2018
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I am having an issue with a script that I am writing, which will grow into a much bigger script, but as I am testing the basics of the first parts it isn't working as it should.  I have scripts very similar to this one that work perfectly and this one is giving me an issue.  The weird part about it is if I use the debugger and go through it step, by step it works perfectly.  Running FMP16A on OSX.


The script is for using a barcode scanner to check in received items on a purchase order.  I have a small window that pops up that asks for the UPC code and then the scanner inputs and hits enter and the script runs.  So I have a PO that has 3 items.  If I scan in item #1 its ups the quantity by 2.  If I scan item #2 is ups both items #1 & #2 by 1.  The third item is totally different so the script doesn't try to do anything with it yet.  Tried making a new PO and it does the same thing, also tried this on a windows machine and it acts the same.  I'm confused on how it can come up with the wrong result, but when debugging it comes up with the correct result.